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Truth be told I…

Truth be told I know very little.
They told me I’d figure it out here, but I think they lied.
Something can only be found if you know what you’re looking for.
But I didn’t know that then.
So I started looking and my naÏvety got the best of me.
I searched and searched, being guided by a treasure map with no X.
I did all the research; I talked to all the people:
the blind woman who remembers this spot fondly,
the deaf man who can still hear the echoes from that place.
I would turn a corner to encounter something that seemed right.
But what is right? Does anyone know?
And I ran anyway.
I ran full force into a brick wall that bounced me back to where I started.
I think I’m there now, but I’m still not sure.
Truth be told I know even less than I thought I did.

Molly Elias

no, I don't think anyone knows.