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“LISTEN,” you scream.

“Listen,” your voice now a pleading whisper. “This struggle? I can save you from it. I’ve fought this same beast. It’s scary, I know. My battle is now over and I’m here at the top of this hill I’ve conquered. All I can see turning back, is you, blindly throwing your arms at this enemy. I’ll guide you past my pitfalls, carefully circumventing your direction. Trust me, and listen. It’ll save your heart from bleeding too.”



“The naïve lose it in dark woods,
but seek it under the street lamps.” -Toba Beta

I don’t know when I’ll stop and I don’t know if I will, but I just know that it happens. When you think you’re worth one thing to someone and it turns out you’re really not. When you think “hmm, this is where we stand,” when really, you don’t.

You know what I mean.

It’s like a misplaced trust. A “well, I thought…” moment.

Well, you thought nothing.