INTRODUCING BABY! Okay, not really.

dudes! who the heck am I?

i feel like i should warn you that what you are about to read will show you how pathetic my life can be at points… which is to say… as of late, pretty pathetic.

i had a lot of free time today because i didn’t have classes or a social event i’d grudgingly be obliged to go to, so i spent a lot of time on the internet!

it wasn’t alll unproductive! i spent time studying up before a huge, huge, huge 4 part exam next week (wheee!),
started teaching myself basic HTML coding, researched camp sites for an impromptu family camping trip this weekend(i know, so last minute), donated money to a friends fundraiser in donor of her uncle who passed away from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), tried to make progress with my other blog’s layout and appearance, researched a few art pieces that i’m really hoping to find, and last but definitely most unproductive of all, i watched mommy vlogs on youtube.

now i say unproductive because i’m currently not expecting or expecting to be expecting. i’m not married, and there’s not even a guy in picture y’all! this means i didnt really have use for baby checklists in the final weeks, etc

but ohmygoodness! they have been so fun and funny and i could just see me and my girlfriends in the future having to deal with all those shenanigans.

there was one video in particular that i was watching that made me laugh so hard! after i cooled down from laughing so much, i realized that i had spent an inordinate amount of time watching videos i didn’t have any practical use for… yet, but really cant wait for all that crazy mom stuff to happen to me! hence, the pathetic (in an endearing way)

if i’m already being honest and telling you all this, i might as well admit that i mostly wrote this post because as i was watching the above mentioned video, i could picture one girlfriend of mine in particular who would most definitely do this with me. so of course i shot her a quick text, but seeing as she has a life, she didn’t respond until halfway through this post! i get impatient when i’m giddy!

oh well! i can’t wait for motherhood and all its messes—really!

enjoy the video that inspired this post! be sure to read the email in the video description because that’s exactly the type of conversations my girlfriend and i have!


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