Life Happens…

… and you get too busy to blog to your heart’s content. It’s a little sad. I have so many thoughts lately because just so much is going on but I’m not able to write about all ANY of it.

Great accomplishments are happening, lots of reflection going on, so many things on the to-do list, loose ends to tie up, reconnecting with friends and strengthening bonds happening, anxious feelings floating around, lots of smiles, having heart-to-hearts, idea gathering, preparing for a cross-country move, being exhausted, being ecstatic… Sentences to make properly… Uh, what?

Yeah, there’s a lot.

For those of you reading my blog to keep track of my movement, I’ll be blogging about some of these things as soon as I can! I haven’t abandoned the world of blogging like ALL the other blogs I used to have… so no worries! This is still a reliable source to “keep up with me.”



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