Rise and Shine

For a little while now my mornings haven’t been quite the same. At the end of the day I like to think of the things I didn’t get accomplished and I vow that I will get x, y, and z done the next day. I So I wake up, get the first thing on my list done, and then the baby gets up and then forget it—all my planning from the night before was for nothing.

Now, before those of you who know me freak out, she’s not my baby. You definitely didn’t miss the big news that I was pregnant, carried for about 9 months and had a baby. Heck, for that matter, you definitely didn’t miss the announcement about me having someone to have a baby with.

Moving on! My baby cousin who’s really almost 2 and not really a baby makes my mornings so happy even if I don’t get much if what I planned done because I’m hanging out with her.
If I’m not getting certain things done though, I’m always learning and re-learning so much.

You know, it seems as though since I’m getting older, I should be far wiser than this little human. Boy am I wrong. If we were lightbulbs, she’d be the brand new, shiny and bright light bulb, and I’m the one who has grime on the surface and I’m not shining quite as brightly. You can see the shiny in her eyes! They sparkle and she gets excited about the little bird taking a dust bath. She will stop listening to you the second she hears the street sweeper coming and she cocks her head slightly, listening. Then she’ll start spinning her hands and making this whooshing noise to depict the brushes underneath the vehicle.

Over the years I’ve forgotten that little birds like to flit around in the dust. Do I even know what a street sweeper sounds like anymore? No, it’s just noise to me, while Baby M———– can show you the difference between what a street sweeper sounds like and what the garbage truck sounds like.

I’m not a mother and I’m not at that stage in life yet, but I’m so grateful for the time I have with this little person because she’s helping my get my shiny back.


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