30 Things I Discovered in my Freshmen Year of College

A list by Molly Elias
1.College is not as scary as it seems during Orientation. Breathe.
2.You’re going to call your mom all the time and that’s okay.
3.Going home doesn’t make you a baby, it means your home and parents are awesome, which is okay, too.
4.College is nothing like the movies. Whether that is encouraging or not, it’s true.
5.Contrary to popular belief, partying and sleeping around aren’t what school is all about and college can actually be better without it. Shocker, I know.
6.You’re probably going to lose touch with the people “you’ll be friends with forever.” It hurts and it sucks, but it’s probably for the best.
7.You’ll discover true friends for the first time and never want to go back.
8.Literally all of the things that mattered in high school don’t matter in college.
9.When you realize you don’t live within walking distance of your best friend anymore, Netflix fills the void while you text her constantly.
10.Long phone calls with family members and close friends are the best.
11.Long coffee chats with new friends are completely necessary.
12.It’s okay to open up.
13.Staying in on Friday nights can be ridiculously fun with the right people.
14.Everyone loves board games.
15.Eating a lot of food is a part of college. Embrace it.
16.Your floor will become your family.
17.Late, spontaneous drives and long talks are therapy.
18.Finals suck.
19.Naps are great.
20.Everything you believe in is going to be tested at least once.
21.Feeling alone on campus is completely normal.
22.The majority of the things that you’re afraid of, everyone else is, too.
23.Ring by spring is complete crap. You don’t have to be in a relationship your first year, you’ll secretly want to, but you don’t have to.
24.Your roommates will annoy you to no end and by the end of the year, you won’t know what you’d do without them.
25.Just because God isn’t hiding from you doesn’t mean you don’t have to go look for Him.
26. The coffee in college stereotype is completely, absolutely, 100% true.
27.Morning devotionals make or break your mood.
28.Sometimes you just want to fall on the ground and scream, and that’s okay.
29.The last three weeks of school throw you into a hurricane of emotions you didn’t know existed.
30.You’ll complain about all of the crappy things about school. You’ll cry and be angry and curse everything. You’ll be so stressed you just want to sleep. You’ll even say you hate it.  But when the year comes to a close, you’ll wish you had just a couple more days.  And you’ll be more excited than you thought possible to come back in the fall.

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